In Silute, an election violation was recorded

In Silute, an election violation was recorded

In Havana, part of his life was spent by Ernest Hemingway. He visited various bars. Where the writer is visiting, there is necessarily a hanging table with the inscription “Hemingway visited here” and the prices doubled on that occasion, but it is still fun to go to one of those places: La Floridita or Bodegita del Medio.

Continuation. Beginning 09 Mar 2019

In the bars, tourists and live music are in the morning. Throughout Cuba you will hear music from anywhere.

In the morning you will also wake up from the music on the host’s TV or from the music from the speaker, which is carried by the youngsters on the street. The Cubans got up in the morning, preparing breakfast for their guests, either singing or chirping at the rhythm. Music is everywhere and always.

There is no need to go to dance classes here, you can ask anything on the street and he or she will teach you. Evenings and nights in Havana were wonderful.

There are many locals in the streets, where they play. Who just takes the chair watching the passers-by, who sit on the stairs with big companies playing checkers, who listens to the music, who eats or smokes the cigar.

The city is completely safe, maybe a little dark, but you feel safe on the streets, so you can walk around until the early days.

We spent three days in Havana, pulling out all the central and old Havana, riding with the ancient Chevrolet.

We participated in the “Free walking tour”, danced in the evenings in the evenings, tasted the most delicious cocktails and just forgot about the rest of the world. Well, we continued to rent a car through the miracle, moving towards Vinjale, the most fertile Cuban region where the famous Cuban tobacco cigars are grown.


The journey to Vinjales will take about a few hours. The road is great – an empty highway. However, we took longer because we took a local Cuban on the way, who showed us a longer but more beautiful road to the mountains and villages.

So it took us about 5 hours, but it was really worth it because we saw Cuban villages and wonderful mountainous landscapes.

The mountains were replaced by tobacco plantations, sugar cane plantations, villages, and mountains – mountains. The road went up and down, serpentines and plains. We drove through the windows of nature and listening to the sounds of Cuban salsa.

For free shuttle service to Vinjales, our traveler offered to visit his friend’s tobacco plantation for free. We agreed. Of course, we have bought fragrant cigars, for which our traveler probably got a commission, but knowing how poor the locals are – is unfortunate, because it is Cuba, the commissions!

Tobacco plantations here are all the same, so there is no need to waste time and consider where to go – just visit the first one.

In all plantations you will be told about growing tobacco, drying, fermenting, showing how the cigar is turning, giving it a smoke and of course offering to buy it.

Starting price – 4 pesos per unit. However, it is possible to get up to 2 pesos, only patience is needed. In the plantations, buying cigars was really fragrant and of high quality.

The next day we went to the valley of Vinjales. Very popular among tourists, but there were few tourists there, because the valley is huge. Tourism agencies offer horseback riding for three hours in the valley for 40 pesos, but when you are alone, one of the entrances can reach the valley at 10 CUC.

That’s what we did. We got the horses and we knew to admire the valley. In fact, it was the most beautiful nature seen in Cuba. Coffee, cane, tobacco, orchard plantations extending to the horizon or uphill. Rising mountains of unusual terrain and shape.

In the background, the salsa music was replaced by the sound of nature, the rhythmically hiking horse swung easily, wonderful views changed before the eyes, and after a few kilometers I felt such a great relaxation that it seemed that during my visit to the valley of Vinjales I rested my body and thought for years.

Every few kilometers in the valley we stopped in different plantations: tobacco (again), sugar cane, coffee. Each of them tells about the peculiarities of growing and harvesting.

In the cane plantation we have received cane syrup and rum with honey cocktails, coffee – coffee, tobacco – cigars.

Everywhere, according to a tacit agreement, and sometimes a guide is required to leave tips. And, of course, everywhere there is an offer to buy products or products of that plantation. Plantations (other than tobacco) do not cost anything to buy because the same products can be found cheaper.

Relaxing and resting souls come back to town, dine and rush to dance in the “culture house”.

Car rental in Cuba

As I mentioned before, renting a car is almost impossible, because the rental points do not have the Internet, some even have a mobile phone.

And rent is on the principle: if we currently have a car – let’s rent it, if not – come back later. And to reserve a machine that is about to return immediately can not wait – until the machine reaches the rental office.

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